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Dear Concert Creator users,

With most sincere apologies, we will be closing down the service and will no longer be accepting new users.

We will shutdown access to Concert Creator servers from June 3rd 2022 to all users.

If you are a paying user, you've been contacted with refund instructions.

For support and other matters, you can contact us at



Turn Any Audio into a Virtual Concert and a Music Lesson

Using cutting edge AI, Concert Creator analyzes audio recordings and turns them into hyper-realistic piano performances and music lessons. The AI was trained on real professional musicians, guaranteeing accurate and human-like results.


Concert Creator uses AI and cutting edge graphics to produce hyper-realistic animations. It also gives you the tools to customize all aspects of the generated performances; from camera angles, key colors, lighting effects and more. 



Select different avatars that represent who you are, with avatar customizations and avatar import features coming soon.

Concert Creator supports Reallusion Avatars



Take full control over the generated animations with an easy to use interface. You can change fingering technique, hand seperation and amount of force applied to each note. The AI will regenerate the performance taking your preferences into account.

  • Can I use Concert Creator to learn songs?
    Yes! Concert Creator comes with full suit of learning features: beautiful sheet music, built in song library, ability to slow down the playback and loop sections of the song, midi in / out and much more!
  • What platforms is Concert Creator available for?
    Concert Creator is currently available for Mac, PC, and PC VR. iOS, Android, and Oculus Quest are coming later this year. You can access all platforms using the same Concert Creator Subscription!
  • Can I monetize videos created with Concert Creator?
    You are allowed to publish and monetize videos generated using concert Creator to your personal Youtube and social media account under the current license limitations ( If you are embedding those videos into websites or apps, you will need custom commercial license. Please contact us for further information.
  • Can I use the same subscription for all platforms?
    Yes! You can use the same subscription to access Concert Creator on all the platforms it supports.
  • Is there a support email?
    For support requests please drop us an email to and we will be glad to help!
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