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Concert Creator 0.81 Download

Requires macOS Catalina or newer 

The RTX version requires a Windows PC with a recent NVIDIA graphics card. The RTX version will not run on any other machine without those specs. We highly recommend using the normal version otherwise.  


Early Access 0.81:

  • Networking improvements

Early Access 0.79:

  • Added Victor avatar: A pianist with classical black tuxedo suit!

  • Fixed broken Camera Director mode

Early Access 0.77:

  • Ability to suggest finger edits to the AI, which will helps us improve future iterations of our AI 

  • Fixed bugs and regressions from version 0.76

  • Tweaked shortcuts for playing editor: 

    • 1,2,3,4 and F keys to change the fingers for the left hand and 7,8,9,0 and H to change the fingers for the right hand ​

    • Left/Right arrow keys to go to next / previous notes in the same hand

  • Added "Q" shortcuts to enable / disable selected notes.​

  • Added ability to change humanization threshold for imported midi files​

    • Lower values will result in longer notes that are closer to the original durations in the imported midi file​

  • ​Fixed midi export issue on mac

  • Fixed character clipping issues in Chest camera

  • Toned down bloom (glow) in top view

  • Deacreased the minimum note duration slider to be 0.01 instead of 0.1

Early Access 0.75:

  • Public release!

  • Added built-in video exporter with ability to customize framerate and video resolution

  • Add PC Virtual Reality support (Non RTX version only)

  • Added camera director: you can use camera director to author camera animations and camera cuts for different sections of the song inside the app

  • The ability to change empty space at the start and end of the songs

  • Ability to disable / enable note humanization

  • Ability to change note duration

  • Ability to change note velocity

  • Added ability to export midi files (Mac support coming in the next version)

  • Added ability to hide the avatar

  • New improved UI design

  • In playing editor, added shortcuts (Keys 8, 9) to quickly move between next and prev notes in the same hand

Pre-Alpha 0.5:

  • Added new Pianola Upright Player Piano complete with mechanics and paper roll simulation.

  • Added new "Head" attached camera. The camera will move with the AI's head movements.

  • Added the ability to change zoom level / note size for piano roll (falling notes)

  • Improved camera logic for the "First Person View" (now called chest camera): The camera will move left and right only if needed, and with smooth curve.

  • Made the notes for sharps / black keys thinner and darker.

  • Added the ability to disable AI Note Duration Humanization when importing midi files. Important: Only use this option if the midi file is a live human recording.

  • Increased the empty space at the start / end of each song by 4 times (applies to new imports).

  • Fixed file browser not showing on macOS Catalina and newer.

  • In edit animation mode, you can change finger assignments easily using 1,2,3,4,5 keys on your keyboard.

Pre-Alpha 0.4:

  • Initial Release!